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 The machine was dead. I replaced the machine/motor control assembly. The machine powered up. When I started a cycle this is what it does. The pump comes on for 10 seconds. then it starts to fill for 10 seconds then stops. then it starts filling through the detergent cup for 10 seconds and stops, then it starts filling the tub again for 10 seconds then stops, then it starts a slow spin for about 10 seconds and then repeats the process over again. I did manual diagnostics on every function and everything works fine. I tried a new user interface assembly and the same thing happened. Also, the machine is 2 years old and the water hoses were connected backwards since installation. I would appreciate any information.

Model 110.27087601

Will the pump drain the water? The water level switch apparently thinks not. 
To check the pressure switch at the CCU, perform the following steps:

1. Unplug washer or disconnect power.
2. Disconnect pressure switch connector
PRS2 (see page 4-5 in the manual below) from the CCU.
3. Set the ohmmeter to the R X 1 scale.
4. Touch the ohmmeter test leads to connector pins 1 and 2 on PRS2. The meter should indicate 0 Ω

What about error codes?

Oasis Manual

 The pump does drain the water. I've filled it many times during diagnostics and drained it. I should mention that when I first installed the control assembly there was an error code F83 that is Door Unlock Failure. I did the test on the door unlock, (TEST #8, page 6) and the door lock, unlock works perfectly.


Did you find the problem ?


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