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Maytag Washer 3E errors, intermitten spin, sparks?


We returned from vacation and after the first load back got a 3E error message on our machine.   It just stopped midcycle - stuck somewhere between rinse and spin.

Had someone out to look at it - they checked the pump, removed a quarter and told us that was the problem.  It wasn't - it's still broken.  

On a short wash, it stops about 8 minutes in.  Stays there and then after 5 minutes of frozen give a 3E error.  

When running just the rinse/spin cycle - it fills with water, spins for a while but when it hits high-spin it get really loud, grinding noisy  - and if you look beneath the washer it seems to light up?  It get to 3 minutes left, then jumps back to 6 minutes... seems to grind/whirl a bit with no motion, then just stays stuck.

We're not even sure where to start with this - or if we should just go get a new washer.   Any advice?

Model MAH2400AWW

Sounds like more than a quarter got into the washer. Remove the pump cover and get out the rest of that change leftover from vacation.


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