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Maytag Dependable Care Dryer Won't Start


Hello all,

I have a Maytag Dependable Care electric dryer model LDE9606ACE.  It has been working fine.  Now it won't start.  When I push the start button the bottom IntelliDry light on the control panel turns on, but that's it.

- Checked circuit breakers, have 240 V.
- Door switch works.
- Thermal fuse has continuity, ohmed out at .34ohms.  Didn't know the expected
    resistance, so went ahead an replaced it anyway.
- Replaced the HiLimit thermostat on the heater enclosure out of general principles.
- The interior of the dryer was pretty clean - trace amounts of lint on surfaces.

I would appreciate any help.

There's (2) Thermal Fuses.
One on the Blower Housing and one on the Heater Cone.

They are Fuses... they're either open or closed...

check it out: If either one of these puppys is bad then it won't run.


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