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GE trash compactor does not compact



My 1 1/2 yr old GE trash compactor does not compact.  When I lift the foot peddle to start the compaction the motor just hums and does not start.

I pulled the drawer out to see if any trash was jammed but it looked clean.

Any ideas?


Model GCG1580L0SS

This compactor is the rectangular design made like the Whirlpool units. You can flip it over and remove the bottom cover plate to reveal the motor and chain drive for the ram. If you remove the top cover, you can check the ram power nuts, which are the usual culprit. If this sounds Greek to you, it probably is. Use your model number to look at part diagrams to help give you an idea of these parts arrangements..I carry the Compactor manuals on my site if you are interested in repairs. It has all of the diagnostic procedures for checking things like the "reversing switch", plus  the repair steps involved.

Al Capone:
Maybe this will be of some help too.

Dishwashers & Trash Compactors Manual


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