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Kitchenaid Range Oven won't turn Off

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Hi Kenton,

Please start a new topic and include the model number of your range.
If you feel this topic is related to your problem simple post a link to it in the new topic you start.


My mother in-law unit started with this problem. She had to plug it out to turn it off. One day while cooking it started to smell like burned plastic and smoke started to come out. It turns out one of the circuit boards was burning off. We ordered the part and replaced it. We still have the problem with the off button and that's how I ended here.
Thank you for your suggestion, we will try it.

there is a workaround which is to turn on the oven timer for a short period for like 1 minute, and then it should count down and shut off.  it is annoying though

Very IMPRESSIVE OP! Very informative as well. THANK YOU! :D


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