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 When replacing the control board, is it necessary to replace the touch pad also, which is the whole top front panel. The only button that doesn't work is the start button and the diagnostic solution is to replace both. That about doubles the cost of parts. Is that overkill or the right thing to do?

Model Number: KUDI01ILBL3

which "diagnostic solution" ?

Is the Start Button the only thing that doesn't work

Does it pass the other Tests ?

 The diagnostic test on the tech sheet that is attached to the machine. Everything else works. Fill, wash, drain. The diagnostic test overides the start button.

this line (?) from Page 1 of Tech Sheet 8537797 "Checking keyswitch contacts: ...
...Using the table below, measure the resistance across the switch when the key is pressed....
> If any switches fail this test, replace the console panel/keypad assembly..."

is referring only to the Keypad Assembly

I have never had to replace both. If the keypad test bad then replace just the keypad, part # 8531239

I replace a lot of control boards in these dishwasher, part # 8564543


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