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 The machine wouldn't pump out. The customer tried to fix it. He noticed a burnt wire on the drain solenoid and replaced the solenoid and drain pump and it still didn't work. I got the pump to work but the solenoid stays on after the pump turns off. What next? The tech sheets were not with the machine.

Model GSD5360F00SS

chicken bone in the solenoid flap?

 Does anyone have the schematics or repair manual for this model?

I have searched high and low, but can not seem to find a schematics or repair manual for this model.

Maybe someone else will have better luck then I did in finding you one.

I don't work on many G.E. dishwashers myself so I don't have a whole lot of experience to offer you on this one, sorry.

The sequence switch is bad, most likely. Part number for this model: WD21X10018


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