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Maytag Neptune MAH4000AWW Won't Drain Water / Smell

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I tried the bleach, the vinegar, the electrasol,,,,,,I tried it all but it made it worse.  Today I tried the afresh so we'll see how it is tomorrow.  I used all three tablets so I hope they worked. 

This whole thing started when I had a minor smell coming from the machine but I didn't know why.  After a little research I figured out that the pump may be blocked, which it was, with a dime!  This probably caused the whole thing to start to clog.  If this cycle tonight doesn't fix this problem I'm going to tear the unit apart to get to the inside of the drum........and then out with the power washer!   That should fix it.  Hopefully.

Did you use all 3 tablets in one wash or you did 3 seperate washes? Do you use much bleach or hot water normally when washing clothes?

Let me know how well the tablets did.

LG recommends a product called Whirl-Out to clean there front loader washer.

Whirl-Out is a product designed for cleaning whirlpool baths and hot tubs, but works well for this application as well. It is available at most hardware and similar stores. Do not mix bleach or other chemicals with Whirl-Out.

How much of the Whirl Out would you use? I figure the directions are for hot tubs so how much would you use in a washer? Do you know what is in it that makes it clean?? I read some where that citric acid would clean them out??Is that true?

There is a guy that worked on my neighbors Kenmore T/L washer-had to get a new transmission and she was shocked at all the crud on her outer tub. He told her that they all looked that way, but he told her if she would use Wisk all time she wouldn't have that problem any more.
Have you ever heard that? Why would that work? Some ingredient in it or just cause it was liquid because she used Tide/wbleach powder all the time. I would use the HE Wisk but the smell is awful.


One cup of Whirl-Out with the hottest water and the longest wash cycle.
There should not be cloths in the machine for this process.

Last, run a regular cycle with hot water to ensure the Whirl-Out is rinsed away.

You may have to do this more then once.

99.9% of all odor issues are the result of using too much detergent and softener.


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