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Maytag Neptune MAH4000AWW Won't Drain Water / Smell

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Barf....  :P


--- Quote from: mightymac on October 14, 2007, 05:08:29 PM ---Unless anyone has any other ideas, this piece of junk is heading to the curb.

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Hey, don't scrap it...I'll buy it!


--- Quote from: sparky823 on October 11, 2007, 09:43:42 PM ---I have read that the Samsung with the VRT is really good. They dont vibrate like some of the others. I think the LG is supposed to be good also but I have also read people having a lot of problems getting parts/service and having problems with cleaning cause they use way less water than your Neptune. I saw some where that a guy took his Neptune apart and cleaned it out. He made pics and it was awful. But he said it was all their fault. He said they used cold water all time and regular detergent and softener and it just got really gunked up but the way he talked it wasnt a big deal to tear down and clean up. If I can find that I will let you know.

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sparky823, were you abke to locate the details/photos regarding cleaning the Neptune? There are a lot of us who like to have the information.




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