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Maytag Neptune MAH4000AWW Won't Drain Water / Smell

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I have a Maytag Neptune Washer that has a musty odor that started about three weeks ago.  I noticed when I manually spin the basket I can hear water inside.  I removed the back cover and removed the drain boot and there was a dime lodged right at the pump inlet.  There are no other obstructions but the water will not empty fully from the basket.  How is this happening?  I imagine the basket is full of sludge which is preventing the water from draining?  I know there are known problems with this machine but I have not read anything about the problem I am having.  Any input will be more than I already have found out.  Thanks.

Model MAH4000AWW

I have this same machine and the "water" you are hearing when you spin the tub is actually fluid that is sealed in a "balance ring" around the tub so it will balance out on spin. It isn't water that is left inside.
You can run a cycle using HOT water and LONG wash with a 1/2 to 1 cup Sunlight or Electrasol dishwasher powder with a cup of bleach and help with the smell. The reasons for those brands is that they are compatible with the bleach cause they contain bleach also. You could also try running a cycle with 2 cups white vinegar. Maybe someone on here will have a better solution but this is what I was told by Maytag a few years ago as preventive maintenance. Be sure you use HE detergent.

Hi Mightymac,

Sparky823 is right on the money with his suggestions. My LG frontloader had a similar problem with the build up of sludge. I ran a sanitary cycle (extra hot) with one cup of white vinegar and that cleaned it up pretty good.



Well your advice worked - temporarily - but now I am getting a terrible smell from the washing machine.  Its a lot worse than before.  I'm not sure what is causing this but its driving me crazy!  Anyone out there have any other thoughts?

Which one did you do, the vinegar or the dish detergent/bleach? You probably have a LOT of build up in there and you just scratched the surface and got it to smelling more. You will need to run this again maybe a few times. Also make sure you are using low sudsing (HE) detergent. Powder is better than liquids so I hear. The liquids tend to gunk up more than powder. Also you MUST leave the door cracked after you get finished washing. If your light is on just unplug the washer. There is a new product out from Whirlpool/Maytag that is supposed to really knock this stuff out of the machines. It is called Affresh.


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