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Went on a call today on a maytag tall tub dishwasher with a poly tank. The dishwasher is about 10 days old and the customer is complaining of poor drying . I had the customer start a load of dishes and I showed up about an hour later when the D/W was on the dry cycle . I put my amp probe on the red/black tracer wire going to the heating element and observed that the heater was pulsing on and off according to the specs on the tech sheet .The vent was open and lots of hot moist air was coming out . When the the cycle was over I observed that the dishes were dry however there was a lot of water droplets on the ceiling of the tank . I used to see this problem all the time years ago but can't say I've seen this recently . I phoned the maytag tech line and spoke to a tech and was told that he believes that the composition of the tank has been changed because he is getting these calls all the time .He told me to treat the tank with jet dry and tell the customer it may take from 2 - 6 months for the tank to cure and the problem to go away . Easy for him to customer wasn't impressed . Any thoughts or comments ?

Model MDB4651AWW

Water collection on the top is common and has been for many years. Your customer should follow the advice given by the factory tech, although some of those jerks on the Tech Line are blind as a goose in a hailstorm sometimes..

Options for decreasing the amount of water droplets  include turning up the water heater to 130o or above and using a rinse aid in the dispenser at all times. I prefer the Jet-Dry solid basket myself and hang it under the upper rack in a corner. It dispenses a better quantity of surfactant that the liquid reservoir and won't clog up.

The customer can be pissy all they want, as this is not a problem peculiar to Maytag or any other specific brand. It is a product of producing dishwashers with Energy saving qualities that bring about other, less pleasant side-effects. Plastic is porous, and that's that.

If the customers knew the sump holds a quart of water, they'd likely moan about that too :)

Thanks and well said ...especially the part about some of the guys at the tech line . Most are very good but some are as dumb as a bag of hammers.

Dangit I knew there was a reason Sears telecenter would not hire me!


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