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Author Topic: Help please with a Samsung Dishwasher DMR78AHS 4E and PE Error Code  (Read 2434 times)

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We got a new dishwasher for free with two error codes. 4E and PE.

After trouble shooting we replaced the water flow sensor.

It now runs the wash cycle but gives the 4E code when it starts the Rinse cycle.

We have not witnessed the PE error code but we were told that was the other error code. Right now we cant get past the 4E code.

After looking through the service manual we have found that the other two parts we could replace are the Main PBA and the flow meter.

We have looked up the Main PBA but are wondering if a PBA and a PCB are the same thing. We are finding conflicting naming of the part.

Also if anyone has a replaced the main PBA/PCB did it fix the problem. Any other trouble shooting before spending the money on a PBA/PCB?

Should we also replace the flow meter or try the PBA/PCB first.


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Re: Help please with a Samsung Dishwasher DMR78AHS 4E and PE Error Code
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2015, 07:01:13 PM »
here is a code book but one thing to check is make sure there is no clog in the fill lines make sure clean and clear make sure the water valve is clear code book said valve, meter or pba
karl putz