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kenmore washer wont spin

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I have a kenmore 70 series direct drive washer that goes through the entire cycle in the correct way, drains but spins very weakly or does not spin at all. I have checked coupler and ok ,taken off aggitator and cheked drive block  and that is also ok. When it is going into spin cycle , I looked under washer with the cabinet off and noticed the top of the transmission spinning but nothing else spins . Any thoughts?

Hi fetch13,

It sounds like brake or clutch problem. Could you give me your model number?

Model number 110.26732502 .  If it helps, I can manually spin the drum without a problem

If you checked the the drive block and it looks ok, then it's most likely the clutch pads are worn out. You can replace the clutch part# 285785 . It's not too hard of a repair. Let me know if you need help. Good luck

Thanks for the help. Clutch was bad and it was a pretty easy fix.


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