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Maytag Airconditioner problem

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I also have a Maytag air conditioner that doesnt seem to work at is should.
The AC has a panel on the front with some buttons that allows me to change the desired temp from about 66 to 78 degrees.

No matter what I set it to the fan setting for HIGH does not seem to work.
It kind of sounds like the AC kicks in for a few sec but then shuts off and only the FAN is working?

Any suggestions from the experts on this one?


Have you ever cleaned the airconditioner?

A lot of time the outside coils get plugged up from the inside.
You would have to remove the covers so you could get to the back side of the coils to clean them off good.

If the coils get plugged up the compressor will over heat. There is a thermo fuse overload on the compressor that will cut the power to the compressor if it gets to hot.

Once the compressor cools off a bit it resets and will try to run again.

The compressor may also be bad if the overload is tripping on and off.

How old is the is it?

the AC is only about 4 years old.
I have cleaned the filters but I have never opned it up tp clean the coils.

How hard is it to remove the covers? and how is that done? fron the outside or the inside ?


Whats the model number?
I can pull up a diagram and see just what you would need to do.

They should be cleaned once a year.

If it's a bigger unit it may just slide out of the cabinet from the front and the cabinet would stay mounted in the window.

If not then you will have to remove the unit from the window and take some screws out to get the cabinet off.

Any idea where the model number is located?
The ac is in a window right now and i cant seem to find any sticker on the front of it.
If its on the back then I will have to wait to pull it out of the window as I cant reach it from the outside.


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