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shx46b05uc bosch dw how to reset after backup


We had a backup and it backed up into the bottom of the dw.  I believe I have gotten all the water out of the very bottom but I don't know how to reset.  This happened once before and after cleaning out the bottom it seems like we pushed a combination of the switches to get it to reset but I can't remember how.  I'm not a techy,  :-\I'm a housewife so be gentle and use clear, clear plain descriptive language.   :embarassed: Thank you!!!

 :D I got back down on the floor with an entire roll of paper towels and got 3-4 more cups of water out of the bottom and the constant pumping has now stopped when I turn it on.  I'm going to try and run it now.  The problem may be solved.  I'll let you know.

 :D  Well, I don't know what I was thinking about but it wasn't a reset combination apparently!  It's running like the gem it is!    ::)  Thanks to all who read the post and were WILLING to help.  For those with the same problem who might read this, those reservoirs are deep and hard to get to with anything other than a 4-5 sheet length of paper towels carefully stuffed into them and carefully retrieved.  I used at least half a roll.    ;D

You might want to reposition the drain hose under the cabinet so that wont happen again.Make sure their is a loop in the drain hose to prevent it from happening again. Read this:

Thank you very much for the advice.  When my husband gets home this weekend we'll  try to tackle that hose.  You guys are the best.


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