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Stuck in 'DRY MODE' with a 'BEEP'



GSD5940D01SS will not stop beeping and none of the buttons are responding.

No wash options are selectable and they do not light up. The only green lights we get are 'WASHING' for about 45 seconds then 'DRY' with no option to reset.

Any clues as to what we are looking at for a repair?


You may run the following test after turning off the power to the dishwasher first for 60 seconds:

Entering Factory Test Mode
Note: This mode can only be entered within the first 2 minutes after power-up. After 2 minutes, factory test mode is unavailable. Disconnect power from dishwasher. Wait 10 seconds and connect power to dishwasher. Press the Normal and Cookware ("Up" and "Down" on Top Control Models) keypads simultaneously for 3 seconds. (This step
must be performed within 2 minutes of power-up.) The control will step through the test cycle for the preset amount of time. Press Delay/Hours to advance to the next step.

1. All LEDs illuminate for 10 seconds.
2. Vent fan energizes for 5 seconds, then the active vent closes.
3. Detergent module is activated. Water valve energizes for 60 seconds.
4. Main pump is energized. Water valve continues fi lling for an additional 10 seconds.
5. Heater is energized and main pump continues to run for an additional 60 seconds.
6. Dishwasher pauses for 40 seconds. During this time the turbidity sensor, control module board, and membrane keypad are being calibrated.

a. The control module will beep continuously and the lock icon LED will light if:
1) The temperature sensor check does not fall between the limits (42F to 199F).
2) The control receives an analog signal outside the expected range for the turbidity sensor.
3) The EEPROM was not read correctly.
7. Drain pump energizes for 75 seconds.
8. The detergent module is energized for 60 seconds and the water valve is energized for 70 seconds.
9. The heater and main pump are energized for 60 minutes. (Press DELAY/START DELAY/HOURS on some models to advance to the next step before control times out.)
10. Active vent opens, drain pump is energized for 75 seconds, then active vent closes.
Note: If the calibration test fails, check the following:
Make certain the dishwasher is not located on a non-insulated outer wall where the temperature at the turbidity sensor may be below 42F.
The turbidity sensor may be dirty. Run a rinse only cycle with one cup vinegar or use citric acid crystals (WD35X151) to clean the sensor.

If you recently suffered a power surge or spike, the EEPROM chip on the control board is likely bad.

Powered off the machine at the breaker box. 'Normal' and 'Cookware' on this machine appear to be called 'Normal' and 'Pot and Pans'.

Simultaneously depressed the two buttons three different times each time shutting power off. Was not able to get any of the lights on the panel to display or break out of the cycle.

When looking at the eprom I am assumiming that new hardware can be obtained from: WD21X10018 SEQUENCE SWITCH or WD21X10062 CONTROL ASM

Little cash is available and I am helping out a family member, thanks for the input the beer fund will be appended.

Hi trapper...AJ is not helping you on this one... I am.

I would opt for the new electronic control. Your best bet is to get it thru our distributors:



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