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I guess I am really not having a problem right now. When I first got it I was very displeased. It didn't seem to wash well at all and one day I decided to just really look at it and I noticed that all the spray holes aim toward the middle of the machine. Well I had been used to the GE with the arm that "changed paths" and you could just load anyway in it. When I started turning pans to face the way the jets would be aiming when they passed the certain spot the pan was at it started cleaning better. I guess a lot of it was me. I think these new ones don't use enough water-reason for the restrictor question. All in all I am pretty satisfied but it is no GE of yesterday! But for all I know the new GE's may be no better than the Sears. Do you have any loading hints/tips?? Do you recommend a certain brand or type detergent? I have had to replace the vent already. The motor that closed it quit working and all the noise was coming out the vent. Much noisier than normal so I replaced that and fixed that problem.


"Do you recommend a certain brand or type detergent?"
Do not use any jells or tablets, these will just make a mess and clog up everything....use Electrol powder and keep it not buy those tubs of stuff at the box stores, it will go bad before it can be used up.  Also be sure to run the water at the sink before starting the dishwasher to be sure the water is hot going in from the first or you will have real problems with cleaning also...and needs to be at least 120 degrees going in....

Thanks for the tips about the detergent. I really like the Cascade Complete liquid (Gel) so I guess that is out. What does that clog? The drain the wash arms, filters, what?? My water is above 120 and I do run the sink before. I run a bottle of Dishwasher Magic through about every 2-3 months. Is that OK for the machine? Seems like it makes the stainless steel tub shinier.

Liquids and Jells use clay for a thickner....picture this clay clinging to and staying in the parts of your dishwasher or washer??   ???


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