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I have a Kenmore Elite Dishwasher that is about 5 years old Mdl# 665.16582200. I read somewhere that they have a flow restrictor on them and it is best to always take this out but it didn't say where it is located. I had never heard of this myself. I thought if I took this off it would get more water and possibly do an even better job cleaning? Anything to this? All I could see on these is  where the water enters the interior of the machine has a cover over it whereas all the ones I had before just had a hole in the side. I left it because I was afraid it might be holding something else on to the side of the tank.
Also if you had to get a new one what would you choose: Bosch, Sears or GE Profile?? I had a GE before and it was great-lots of pressure. This one has much less-cleans ok but less pressure. I figure that is what makes the new ones quieter.

Looking at the Sears Chart I see your dishwasher is made by whirlpool.

I can't say I have ever heard of flow restrictor that you could remove.

So your dishwasher just does not do a good job of cleaning?

If I had to get a new one I would maybe give a LG a try. That or stick with something I know and put another Whirlpool one in. We have had our whirlpool dishwasher for about 15 years and it's still going strong.

I have heard that it is hard to get service/parts for LG?

Do you like the silver basket on the door? I like the idea of more rack room but do they get clean on the door? (on your Whirlpool)

Mine doesn't clean like the GE which had an arm in the bottom that changed paths or something instead of just washing the same place all time and I think that is why it did so well. Also I have some places on the racks that the coating has just flaked off-like on the ends and now they want to rust-just after the 5 year rack warranty!

When I bought this one I was going to get a GE but they didn't have a SS tub except Monogram. Then I was at Sears looking at the KithchenAids and the lady said this Sears was almost identical to the KA but actually had more features(?) so she talked me into it. It is really ok and I think I am glad I got it over the KA cause I have read since that KA seems to have issues with cleaning more so than Sears. Wonder why that is if they are similar?



--- Quote ---I have heard that it is hard to get service/parts for LG?
--- End quote ---

This is true as you have to order direct from LG.
This may start to change soon.

Hi sparky823,

What kind of problem are you having with your dishwasher, is it just not cleaning well? Are you getting spots on the dishes?


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