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A buddy of mine came across a full bottle of R404a. I know it is a replacement for R502 applications such as ice machines and walkin coolers. But is it the same as Hotshot? Could it be used in domestic applications?

Hotshot is actually 414-b. It can be used where R-12 was once used.  SuvaŽ 404A (HP62) delivers exceptional capacity and efficiency as an R-502 and R-22 replacement in refrigeration applications and is approved for use by the leading compressor and equipment manufacturers worldwide. They are saying that 404a can be used in place of R-22. That encompasses a lot of domestic applications.  If you need a pressure chart for this, let me know. Here is a reference for you to identify refrigerants:

Cool. Will it work on r134a refrigerators?

No. Only Hotshot will be compatible with 134a.

404a is a good replacement for R-22.


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