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 Everything works until the drain part of the cycle. Can I rule out the motor. Would it be the control board timer? I don't get many dishwasher calls, so I am not familiar with their problems.

Model 665.15969990

Does that model start with 665. ? Sorry to be such a stickler, but you are asking a technical question that requires a little research, thanks.

Your motor has 4 wires on the harness. To check the drain windings of the motor, disconnect power to the dishwasher. Unplug the harness connector at the motor and set your OHM meter to RX1.

1. Touch and hold one ohmmeter probe to
the terminal no. 2 (Gray or Black).
2. Touch the other ohmmeter probe to the
terminal no. 4 (White).
3. The ohmmeter should show a reading
between 3-8 ohms on the ohms scale.

 Yes, it is a 665. It's not printed that way though.

It IS in the door.  For future reference, never pay attention to the models pasted in a User Guide. Often, they are a general series and they never contain the allmighty prefix that helps us look stuff up. Dang Sears for being so confusing :)

 This is the number from the door. It was printed model 665 on the top line and underneath was printed model #, so I thought 665 was the basic, general number.


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