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Maytag Neptune MAH3000AWW Serial 19103060UB

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Did you look at the boards for damage as AJ suggested?

Alway's check the simple things first, such as things you can just look at to see if they are bad.

You could have a timer problem, but I have repaired a ton of these things.
It's alway's the same few parts making all the problems, plugged water valve, bad board, bad connections, bad bearing and water pumps.

I can't think of the last time I put a timer in one of these washers and I would say 95% of the time a control board is  bad you can see the damage on the board so I don't even have to get the meter out to check them.

Have not check the board as of yet, still reading the repair book. To late to check today, but will do next light :)
Hear what the book has;
Washer Runs Five Minutes Then Shuts OFF:
During the wash cycle, the machine control
communicates with the timer, via the timer input
circuits. If the machine control board does
not see a change in timer inputs over a period
of 5 minutes, it will open the line relay and shut
the washer off. Check the timer input circuits
for poor connections at the timer and the machine
control board. Replace timer if necessary
(See Section 2: Timer Input Circuits).

Only thing here it only stops at the rinse cycle.

Wife said we are not going to put out $200.00 for a controller board again.

Just check again and this time it stopped in the wash cycle.

To fix or go shopping :D

By the way Thanks for the help O0

Guess I need to pull off the hoses to check the water supply. Book said: :embarassed:
Shuts OFF During Final Rinses:
The machine control board is programmed to
allow a maximum continous fill time of six
minutes or an accumulated fill time of 8 minutes
for each full wash cycle. If the required
fill time exceeds the time limit, the washer will
shut down. This is to prevent flooding in the
event there is a loose hose clamp or damaged
air dome hose. Check the incoming water lines
for a minimum pressure of 20 psi. If lower,
the customer can use smaller clothes loads
and reduce the pressure to 10 psi. An alternative
solution would be to change the plastic
inlet screens to metal screened washers and
remove the nozzle extender found in the water
valve inlet hose near the dispener inlet

 8) It was a water problem that cause a timing out problem O0

Thanks Guys for you support O0 O0 O0

Wife now has a big smile and when she happy  8) 8) 8) :D :D :D :o :o :o


Glad to hear you got it working..



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