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Hi AJ, just stopping in to say "hi" I'll be back later need to look up some basic maintenance on my washer & dryer but will do later.

Hi Jakki,  :wave:

Nice to see you on. Sorry for taking so long to post back to you.
This is really the first chance I have had.

I'm sure you can understand how busy I have been the last couple days with moving the site to a new host.

Hope you get things worked on with your site soon too.

Lets us know if you need any help with the washer and dryer.  O0

I know exactly what you mean  :D, between two teens, a business of my own and the server/host move myself..I feel like a mac truck hit. LOL
I'm glad all is going smooth with you.  I'm basically moved and up running a few kinks here and there, that I can handle.

I have to say this place really looks good.  I love the set up its easy to navigate with.. O0

Thanks jakki. :)


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