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I have a relatively new Kennmore dryer (about 4 years old) that will shutoff off for no apparent reason.
It will need to be restarted about 10-15 times for a single load of clothes.

Any idea what could cause this?
I though it might be overheating but it doesnt seem to be getting very hot at all.

Thanks for any help.

Model 110.63942101

Hi Scott,

 Does it shut off like that on all cycles or does it just do that on a "Auto" cycle?

If it does it on all cycles it could be the motor overload cutting out.

If it only does it on a "Auto" dry cycle then it could be some kind of air flow problem.

Sears Kenmore had a lot of different places make dryers for them.
If you could post the model number I could pull up some information on it to see just what kind of dryer you have.

I will have to ask my wife about what cycle it does it on.
Here is the mod info

Kenmore Elite
Mod# 110.63942101
Ser# MM4220265


That dryer was made for sears by whirlpool.
Let me know what your wife say's about the cycles.

Here is my wifes reply

"I always used the auto cycle but when we came home from ME it dawned on me to try the other cycle.  It does it on that one too.  It started just doing it once and awhile and only shutting off once but now it is doing it at least four times a load.  It has to time out too before you are able to start it again (it has always done that)."


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