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Small leak form door

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At times I notice a slight stream of water from the bottom of the door on my wife's LG WM2277 washer. Has anyone noticed this on this unit? Unit has operated normally at other times with no leaks.

Al Capone:
Hi rudyjr

I know on our own front load washer we need to keep the inside glass clean. It builds up a ring around the glass were the door seals.

also if you use too much detergent, the suds level will be too high and may cause leaks.

all it takes is one hair laying across the grey door gasket and you can get a leak, it acts like a wick

if the gasket looks good(no tears or nicks) you can shim the door latch so the door seal is a lil tighter....

Thanks for the info, how do you go about shimming the door latch? The gasket appears to be in perfect shape.


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