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refrigerator running all the time

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Have a Frigidaire refrigerator model no. FRT22INLHW0 serial no LA93022352.It seems to be running all the time.I know some refrigerators do run a lot,but how often should this one shut off,when temperature  is reached,or only when it goes into a defrost cycle?Also would like a service manual is you have one to download.Thanks

Need to get a temperature reading on both sides to see if you are having cooling problems like a sealed system leak, compressor going down, or if you might have a defrost problem, frost clogging the evaperator coil in the freezer blocking the air flow to the food side...

The temperature in the refrigerator part is about 38 - 44 degrees and in the freezer about 5 degrees,this is with the termostat set on the lowest setting.If I set it  in the middle the freezer gets about 10 degrees below zero and the refrigerator part freezes water.It must be going into a defrost cycle because there is no ice build up.

I have tried to adjust the air flow around the refrigerator but got little or no results.This thing just keeps running.It does go into defrost,I guess,because nothing is frozen and it cools very good both in the freezer and the refrigerator.Maybe I should leave well enough alone?

If everything gets to cold when you set the cold control in the middle then I would replace the cold control.


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