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I have a Rheem central air conditionor in the model series AKA (full model# is RAKA-042JAZ). I operate it by turning the thermostat up when I want it off, and down and when I want it on. Lately, there has been a delay of up to several hours or even a few days between turning the thermostat down and the unit turning on. There other day, for instance, I heard it kick in and turn on at midnight after I had turned the thermostat down two days before. Last night I turned the thermostat down so the unit would run over night, but it's yet to kick in.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any possible help you might provide me with.

new thermostat needed is my first thought.

New thermostat for inside the house, or new thermostat on the air conditioner somewhere? If for the house, any ideas how I'd go about doing that?


The wall thermostat pretty much determines when the unit comes on. Replacement thermostats are at any Home Depot, Lowes or better supply houses, and they all have instructions in the package.

There is nothing but your wall thermostat controling that big old monster ac you have. It is done by low voltage such as a doorbell would run on. The delicate controls that determine the temperature are never subjected to the rough and ready power that drives that puppy. Change your thermostat.


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