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Looks like build up from hard water.
I would try it with the new chopper and see how it works first.

Hello again!
Sorry for the very delayed update but I finally got that chopper assembly installed. I'm getting more water movement in the top area but the cleaning result is still not as good as it was a couple of years back. I've added the rinse aid but no go.

Anything else that might be the cause of poor wash? Heat doesn't seem to be it.

Do you have a water softener?
If so you need to get it check and if not you need to get one.
From the looks of that heating element in the bottom of the dishwasher it has been running a long time with hard water.

You really need softwater for the soap to work good.

No softener installed. :(

That round metal part you found inside the dishwasher looks like the knock out plug from a food disposer. Try this; Buy a box of glass magic from your local grocery store. Use it in place of your regular soap not with it untill gone then go back to your regular soap.


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