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Thanks to the video I found here I was able to find out that the chopper assembly of my dishwasher is screwed up. The blade is not even attached to the shaft anymore. I found the blade, cap, and metal washer inside on the bottom of the chopper chamber. I found one round metal shaped like a dime and I can't figure out where it came from. Is it even part of the dishwasher or is it just something that got in there somehow?

I attached a picture of it. Sorry about the pic, I used my cell phone :)


Can't think of what part of the dishwasher that would have come from.
Maybe it's just something that got in with the dishes.

Thanks!  O0
I'm hoping my part comes in today so I can go ahead and install it and give my first dishwasher repair a try!  :D

That would be great!
Keep us updated. Glad the video helped you out.

I guess shipping takes a while from where I ordered it from, not due til Monday. Oh well, while I'm at it. I attached a picture of the heating element from the dishwasher and I'm a little worried that it too would need replacing. That or it just got covered by a couple of years worth of buildup.  Please advise, thanks.


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