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New A/C wiring question

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Fact when you change the motor, always change the cpacitor. Your old one is a "dual-capacitor" it serves both the Compressor and fan that is why H C F Hermetic (compressor) Common, Fan

 I also had this same problem.  I hooked the new cap as described, but my fan spins the opposite way. pulls air in instead of blowing out. Any ideas on what i did wrong?

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There is a wiring diagram on the side of this motor.  :)

It is very easy to reverse the motor. Look on the motor . Their should be a quick connect plug you yank apart and flip or a set of 2 wires(usualy orange and yellow) with male and female connectors. Put orange female to yellow male and yellow female to orange male and bada bing bada boom it goes da otha way. It is hard to screw up.  Look on the lable as mr Icehouse says. :2funny:


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