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I also have a A/C wiring question.  I purchased a Dayton (1) 4M223G condenser fan motor that has 4 wires plus a ground while the motor I'm replacing has 3 wires.

New has: Brown, Brown/White stripe, Black, Purple
Old has:  Brown, Yellow, Black

how do I wire the new motor into the A/C unit and capacitor?

Thanks in advance,

Dayton (1) 4M223G condenser fan motor

That's not really a fair question...we would need to know how the A/c unit is wired. Colors mean nothing on different motors.  Also, be sure the motor you bought uses the same capacitor as the old one. Often they change, and it is noted inside of the box the motor came in. In your case, the diagram is clearly on the side.

Dayton 4M223G motor

New has: Brown, Brown/White stripe, Black, Purple
Old has:  Brown, Yellow, Black
Use the brown and brown and white wires on a new capacitor for the new motor. Hook black to where black was and purple to where yellow was. OR if you want it like it was,using the old capacitor, just tape off purple and do not use. Black will go where black went. Brown will go where brown went. Brown with white stripe will go where yellow went. Simple

Thanks, I will try wiring it to the old capacitor and taping off the purple.  The new capacitor only has 2 terminals while the old capacitor had 3 (labeled - Fan, C, Herm)

By using the old capacitor I don't have to figure out what to do with the 2 wires coming off a compressor terminal box that go to the old capacitor.  Coming off the terminal box, red went to C and Yellow went to Herm on the old capacitor.  If I used the new capacitor I'd have more to figure out.

Thanks again....

The old capacitor MUST have the same rating as the new capacitor in order to run right. For instance:if your old motor used a 5mfd cap and the new motor uses a 5mfd cap then you are ok. Why buy a new car and install your old spark plugs in it though? What I would do is hook the new capacitor to the new motor with the 2 brown wires.That leaves 2 wires. Hook the black one on the contactor so when it pulls down the motor will kick in. That leaves one wire. Hook it on the common terminal of the old capacitor to feed back to source.


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