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my question is, the old ao smith blower motor i pulled from an old trane package unit, has 4 wires a black, red, purple, and brown. 2 speed, two to cap.  the replacement trane gave me has 7 wires, 2 brown, and 4 speed wires , with a white common.  using just 2 of the speed wires, where does the white end up going, since the two browns take place of the old purple and brown?


On the old motor setup, was one side of the line also going to the cap? (Besides the other 2) This is the wire to use with the white wire as line 2. Since the new motors have 2 brown wires only going to the cap, the other wire which was there should be the L2 .
The speed wires (black and red) will be used just as before. Tape off the 2 extra speed wires.

yes, the purple was a line, i suspect,  so, if the white(common) goes to the cap., along with one brown, do i tie the two browns together, or tape on off...i understand about using only two speeds, and thank you!

no, use the two brown wires only to the capacitor. The white and purple wires are to be joined together, and not on the cap any more. The purple is your L2. The motor has a tiny diagram stamped on the side.

alright, got it.  yeah, the old motor had a diagram, but the new(emerson) motor did not.  i was on track, thanks for the reassurance.


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