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Kitchenaid icemaker not working


I have a Kitchenaid KSRS27C refridgerator and the ice a maker has stop working.  For the last week before it gave out it would make a loud ticking sound before it would harvest the ice.  The arm would then go through the motions, scoop out the ice, the water would fill, etc. until it would get ready to harvest again then it would start again with the tick, tick, tick.  Now nothing happens, it appears that the whole thing is stalled.  I noticed that the arm spins freely in the tray so I'm wondering if the ticking was the gear going bad.  Does this sound like a safe assumption?  If so, would it be better to replace the motor module or the whole icemaker?  Also, any idea why the gear might go bad in the first place?  Thanks

Just plastic parts that break, you can change the module head or the whole ice maker if the ice mold is getting funky, your choice... :)

From my description, does this sound like the likely culprit?

Probably, not there to see it myself..... ???


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