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 I put a new start switch on the compressor.  Now ice on the back of the freezer.  The temp. in the refrig. is at 50 degrees and the freezer is at 8  degrees.  model # is gd5shaxlq02  25 ft  side by side

Hi stephenbig

Sound like you got yourself a defrost problem with your refrigerator.

There is a electronic control board for the defrost system in your refrigerator.

The electronic control board is one of three parts that make up the defrost system on your refrigerator.

The other two parts are the heating element and the defrost thermostat.

The heater and defrost thermostat are located inside the freezer behind the plate on the back wall were you see it frosting up.

They are easy to check with a ohm meter.

The thermostat should check closed (shorted) when it's covered in frost like it is now.
The heater should have some resistance. If it check open with the meter it is bad.

If both the heater and defrost thermostat check ok with a meter then I would go ahead and replaced the defrost control board.

I don't see very many bad heating elements on these.

Lots of times you can see that the defrost thermostat is bad because the back of it will be popped out like the one on the left side of the photo below.

btw: you will have to manual defrost the refrigerator before you run it again with any new parts.

There will be to much ice built up for it to defrost on it's own even after it is repaired.

thank you for the help.  I checked the heating element and it read 24 ohms.  while the thermostat was on defrost read out of range.  I can unplug the heating element and the refrig. comes on. I plug the right side only and it blows the breaker. Also where is the mother board for the defrost?


--- Quote ---where is the mother board for the defrost?
--- End quote ---

That is located in the top of the refrigerator section were the freezer and refrigerator controls are.

You can enter your model number in the search box on the left side of our site and get the parts diagram. :)


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