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Maytag Control Panel... or what?



Model Number: mbf2254hew
Brand: Maytag
Age: 1-5 years

Hi and thanks for having this great forum.
My Maytag refrigerator (mbf2254hew) is the bottom freezer type, not double door.
When we open the door, the top control board starts buzzing fairly loudly, and the freezer and temperature LED displays are out.
If we close the door, or just push on the door switch, the control board stops buzzing, and the refrigerator seems to keep working fine.

Another symptom, I can unplug the refrigerator, and then plug it back in, and the control board (usually) acts like it is perfectly okay. But after opening and closing the door a few times, it starts buzzing and the LED displays go out again. A couple times, just by wiggling and pushing on the door switch, the control board will "recover" and the LED displays come back. I can still adjust the temperatures, when the LEDs are working, but after they go out, they reset to "4".

The control boards are available (but a little pricey). Does this sound like a control board gone/going bad? I should mention there was a power outage the night before this started happening.



Sounds like bad board.This board has a high rate of failure.Replace board then install surge protector on refrigerator outlet.

Yeah the more I read about these boards, the more it looks like you must be right. And the surge protector is a great idea, thanks.

Also if you buy the part from the link i gave you and it does not work you can return it less shipping both ways.Also you will have to program it when you get it.There are some video on you tube to help you.


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