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viking fridge


d just bought a viking vintage fridge and need to find parts for it...the worst part is that i cant find the model number so it will be even harder to find the right parts....really all i need is a new handle and gasket, i found a website that has gasket for $5 per foot. i was wondering if any one can help me with finding a new handle? if you have ideas then i thanks you.
i will try to get a picture or two up just need a few extra minutes in my day..haha

If someone can help you they will post a reply to your topic, not email you.

It's the nature of how a forum works. When people post replies to the topics being post it could possible help someone else down the road that runs into a similar problem. We would not have much of a website if everyone just started emailing everyone else. ;)

Anyway I have removed your email address that you posted, thanks for understanding.

Finally found this. Can some one tell me which is the model number


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