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Hi, everyone!

My cousins have a refrigerator whose door, one day, failed to close.

It still has about a one-inch to one-half-inch gap on the lower right side, and closes at a bit of an odd angle to the door.

I found a parts diagram for this refrigerator here:

Anyway, the machine screw, part #28 in the diagram, seems to not only be a flathead screw, but it doesn't have a washer on it.

Are the threads supposed to dig into the hinge part, at all? I do wonder.

Anyway, it seems kind of odd that the screw on the bottom doesn't seem to actually fit into any threads on the hinge, and it's hard to tell what other parts might be missing.

There's also a chance that there is a shim missing from the bottom, but I don't see anything obviously missing. I don't know whether a shim is even supposed to be there.

What are some first steps I can take to diagnose the problem?

Please find pictures of the hinge in question attached.

I am going to buy the hinge washer and screw, on the off chance that the error has to do with the wrong screw being used, but I think I am a bit out of my depth.

What more can I add to this?

I welcome any questions or advice, the more specific the better!

 : Nathan Basanese

Fridge doors are annoying I have fixed a handful threw trail and error sometimes just giving up and getting a hammer to looks like u have all the right parts already could be the hole where the hinge pin enters the the door is to worn.if all fails try reversing the doors to open the opposite direction.also try lifting the front level screws maybe fridge is not level.good luck

Maytag Man 6725:
You just need a door cam kit for a Whirlpool ref.

Do you think a door cam kit like the following would suffice?

could just loosen up the screws under the door gasket and correct the situation. Over time weight on the door makes the inner panel shift and causes the door to have your issue. Loosen up the 2million screws under the door gasket and shift the door then retighten the screws.


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