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Front end tumble action washer 417.29042991 No Spin - drains fine

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Not sure how much I helped, but your welcome. :)

How old is your washer?

can't really complain - got it for free when my girlfriends dad replaced his units

dont know the exact date but i think he said he originally bought them around 2000

Free is good. :)

ugh welp no big suprise here - one weekend and two loads of wash later and the belt jumped off again  :-\

any suggestions on what to try or should i begin to think its time to put this out to the curb (i have an older washer in the basement thats not being used (might be a good thing i kept putting off getting rid of it)

With the other photos you posted I am still thinking you have bearing problems.
Any chance of getting a photo of the tub with the pulley off?

How does the back of the tub look around the center were the bearing is?
Is it clean or does it look like it's been throwing grease out of the center?


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