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Hello people. I just got my gas line to the house,  and am under the gun to buy a gas stove to get the meter in.
I'm a tradesman, so i know who to ask advice from. I'm not sure if buying advice is allowed here, and if not i get it.
Whats the most reliable 30" gas stove in the 6-750 dollar range? The wife says she wants self cleaning, but i can talk her out of it if  electronics hell is part of the bargain.

If you want a reliable, buy a unit with NO electronic controls.

Typically something that a landlord would use for their apartment complex.  Cheap and simple.

Do you really want to use the self cleaning feature? You would be inviting problems, like blown limits and stuck door latch.

wildimaginations advice is right on the money.  Less "bells and gadgetry", the better.

Ok, self clean is out,  but i dont think i can dump electronic controls completely, she wants stainless.
Frigidaire or Whirlpool for the least electronics hassle?   Also, any problems with under oven broilers?
Thanks in advance.

There is know best on these stoves.Let her pick out what she wants in your price range.It just boils down to luck.Using the self clean puts a lot of stress on electronic boards.Not using it would be better.And never self clean it around the holidays.Most important is you have to live with your wife we don,t.Good luck.


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