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Amazon Lightning Deal: Amprobe ACD-14 Dual Display Digital Clamp Multimeter


Just noticed this on Amazon lightning deal of the day. Only a few minutes left, but looks like a decent meter for the special price.

Amprobe ACD-14 PLUS Dual Display Digital Clamp Multimeter with Temperature

Thanks for finding that deal. I am in the process of teaching my son and was going to look for him one today.I beat the dead line by 18 mins.

How's that meter working out for you?

I got it for my son.display is small that is the only down side.price was great.But i will stay my fluke 233 and my fieldpiece sc56.The next one I buy will be the fluke 3000.

Good to know about the display being small. Oh yea, the Fluke 3000.


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