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Help with whirlpool FH Code


Okay, I need help.  I own a Whirlpool duet front loading washer, Model Number GHW9150PW4.  Originally I was getting the F11 code.  I replaced both the Central Control Unit and the Motor Control Unit.  I ran the diagnostic test and now getting the FH code.  I went through all the things you are supposed to do according to the diagnostic sheet found in plastic in bottom of washer, including cleaning the intake screens and making sure the drain hose was clear.  When I do the diagnostic test water runs into the drum but 60 seconds into the test I get the FH code.  I drain the water and it drains fully with no issues.  I have run the diagnostic test and even tried several times on different wash cycles and every time at the 60 second mark I get the beeping and the FH code.  I changed the hose that connects to the pressure switch and again 60 second and the FH code.  I replaced the pressure switch today an again 60 seconds and the FH code.  I have done all the electrical testing and everything seems okay.  I am at a loss.  Please help.  The only thing I can think of to do now is to change the intake valve but I think that would be foolish since plenty of water flows into the drum for the 60 seconds it takes to get the FH code.  Again, the drains, pump and motor are all working fine.  This model does not have a Flow Meter so I canít change that.  I sure hope someone can help  me with this issue.  Thank you.

Maytag Man 6725:
If all of this happened at the same time, I would say that your new control is bad. F-11 is definitely your main control, so you were correct in changing your main control.

Make sure the pressure hose didnt get accidentally disconected when you were changing the boards.

Maytag Man 6725:
May want to trace harness wires from pressure switch to control.

At first I was getting the F11 code.  I changed both the Central Control Unit and still got the F11 code, I then changed the Motor Control Unit and after changing both of those I got the FH code.  the F11 code was gone, Yeh, but now have the FH code.  Like I said then I changed the hose and still got FH code, then changed the pressure switch yesterday and still get the FH code.  What bothers me is that it happens almost exactly sixty seconds from starting the diagnostic test or wash cycle.  I know that the hose is connected and all wire connectors are secure.  I am at a loss.  I am tempted to change the Intake Valve but it seems that there is plenty of water flowing for the 60 seconds til the FH code pops up and according to the tech manual if it is a water fill problem it will give the FH code in 30 seconds.  Thanks


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