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LG Washer will not power up unless flip circuit breaker


Model #WM2140CW. Help Please

If you could post how to get the top off that would be great. My husband is a very handy electrical engineer.

As far as removing the top there should be two plastic pieces with two Phillips screw in each one on the rear of the top. Remove the bottom screw on each one and the top should slide back then lift off. As for the machine. I'm not sure if u r saying it is tripping the breaker or u have to reset the breaker (power) to make the machine power up.

Here is a copy of the service manual. Maybe you will find it helpful.

We're having the same problem with a LG WM2233HW model washing machine, but it is happening intermittently.  In addition to having to sometimes reset the breaker to power on the washer, the washer also occasionally powers up by itself when it is turned off (I assume this is because it is losing power for a brief period).  The outlet tests fine, so we don't think that is the issue.  We also don't have any problems losing power once we get it turned and operating. We've replaced the user control board, thinking that was the problem (didn't solve the problem). 

We would appreciate any advice on troubleshooting to determine if the issue is the main control board, the noise filter or a loose connection somewhere. 

Also, does anyone have a copy of the WM2233HW service manual?

Thanks for any help you can offer!


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