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Wp wfw94hexw1 error f6 e1 and e2

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This machine started with f6 and e2 I check all connections on all the boards and got e2 to go away. Now it has f6 e1, I checked the CCU according to the manual and ohmed out the motor all good. I went into diagnostic mode and tried Quick test it started ok locked the door but would not start the water pump or advance to other tests. Any thoughts??? All the displays are working on the front panel.


Some topics you may find helpful.;search=duet+f6

Here is what I get when I search just the washer repair board for them errors.;action=search2;search=f6+e1;brd=99

Maytag Man 6725:
99% of the time, it it's a communication error between the boards, it's the motor control board causing the problem

I spoke to the factory they recommended the CCU board I replaced the CCU board to no avail it won't run the diagnostics it wont unlock the door I am going back to work with factory support I will let you know


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