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Whirlpool should just stick to making fridges

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I will have to check out the whirlpool water heaters next time I am at a Lowes store. Then I can say that I have seen one.

There water heaters must be a different line then there appliances. I have alway's been happy with there appliances. I have been doing factory authorized service for Whirlpool for 20+ years now. They make some nice stuff.

I am sure you have looked around, but maybe you could post the part number of that thermo coupler and I could do some research on it. Maybe find another source for you to get them from.

Would be great to if could snap a photo of it or a old one you have around. Then use the "Additional Options" to download the image into your next post.

I would be interested to see what they look like. You would think that someone other then Lowes would have these.

I dont have a camera but its the one with the flame lock

they are at lowes you cant miss em

Will check them out next time.


Not trying to defend whirlpool but I don't think they make there own. I have one as well and it is made by American Standard in Johnson City Tn. They make for other companies as well and put the stickers on them for which ever company they are making them for.


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