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Maytag Dep. Care No Agitate

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Check to see if you have power to the motor when the washer should be agitating.

Put one meter probe on the white wire at the motor. Take the other probe and check for voltage on the orange wire and black wire at the motor.

Do you have any voltage to the motor?

Section 5 - Page 3 in the service manual has the wiring diagram for your model washer.

If you don't have voltage to the motor you can leave one meter probe on the white wire and trace back from the orange wire and black wire to see were you have lost the voltage. Looking at the diagram you will be tracing it back to the agitate speed switch then to the timer.

If you find you have no voltage coming out of the timer going to the motor then the timer is what's causing the trouble.

Did you try the different agitate speeds?

Something you can wiggle the timer knobs back and fourth on a bad timer to get the timer to kick in for a second.

Here is the timer for your washer.

well, i think i figured it out without much effort.  i took the front panel off and checked what you mentioned and everything that i could tell was fine.  i started a load, watched it fill and then stop when it should have been agitating.  i fiddled with the knob and tapped it and it started agitating.  i'm assuming the contacts in the knob/timer are worn out and should probably be replaced.  i may see if i can take it apart and clean/repair, but aside from that, it looks like just a timer.

aj, is that the Maytag part no. on that timer?

AP249816 is the AppliancePartsPros number.

22001023 is the maytag factory number. :)


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