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Author Topic: GE Washer Basket Moves with Agitator  (Read 3045 times)

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GE Washer Basket Moves with Agitator
« on: July 11, 2008, 07:59:00 AM »

Model #WPRE6100G1FW, the complaint on this washer was leaking during a wash cycle, but the leaking water was only the symptom, as the real issue turned out to me mechanical in nature. Let's look inside and see why water was getting everywhere.

About this Model
This particular model uses a DC motor coupled via a drive belt and pulley to a vertical drive shaft. The agitator is connected to the center of the shaft, while the spin basket is connected to the outside ring. The ring is attached to a magnetic coil that is used to engage, or disengage a series of teeth from the drive pulley. When the unit is in an agitate mode, the coil will be energized holding the teeth away from the pulley and providing drive to the center of the shaft and on to the agitator. When in the spin mode, the coil will be de-energized and a spring will apply pressure to the teeth locking them to the pulley. The inverter driven motor will provide all directional control for when the agitator should be rotating back of forth.

What could go Wrong
What happens to this unit is the magnetic coil will open up electrically, resulting in the teeth never disengaging from the drive of the motor because of the pressure spring. So when the motor is trying to agitate, the entire spin basket will go along for the ride and in this case, with enough water in the tub, will start to throw water everywhere on each change of direction.

Troubleshooting and Repairing
The unit does have a series of fault codes that will be displayed in light flashes by LED's on the inverter board, but an open magnet doesn't seem to be considered a problem by the current firmware of the board. If a failed coil is suspected, simply unplug the two wires from the inverter board and using your meter, check for resistance. If you read an open circuit as I did in this one, it is time to replace the shaft and shifter with a new one. Not a real difficult repair, but is does involve removing the entire tube assembly from the cabinet. But once I had everything back together, the laundry room was water free.



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