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Fried another control board


Okay so I have a Kenmore oven model 79092209012.
The ovens bottom baking element quit working. I pulled off the back and noticed the right wire of the bottom baking element was completely melted on the board at the top and the relay to the left was sparking a bit.(in pic)
I checked the resistance on the element and it read 18-25 so i ordered a new control board based on what I read online. Element looked fine inside the oven.
I put it in tonight and plugged it in and immediately when i turn the bake part on it burns up this small resister(shown in picture with red circle-missing) So i removed the one off the old board and soldered it onto the new board and bam same thing happened. I thought maybe just the first one was bad. Now when i plug in the orange wire(if looking at back of oven the one on the left) there is not issue. But if i Plug in the yellow(one on right looking at back) then it burns up.
So what now? Thoughts?

bake element or wires to bake element are touching ground, ohm between each wire to ground with the wires disconnected and ohm the element to ground with the wires off.


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