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Kenmore 79048902000 -- Broiler stays on when cooking


The broiler element on my Kenmore microwave/oven combo stays on when trying to cook anything in the oven. It does not make a difference if I use the bake, convection bake, convection roast, etc options. It is always on (it does turn off when the oven is turned off).

When the oven says it reaches the correct temperature, since the broiler is still bright red, it eventually shuts down and displays an f10 error.  I understand the f10 error means runaway temperature and it makes sense because the broiler didn't turn off like it was supposed to.

I am just trying to make sure before I buy a part that I am ordering the correct thing. From what I have read it could be the oven control board (316570400), the Relay Board (316570500), or the Sensor (318562500). I am hoping someone can help me order the correct part.

I do not believe it is the sensor, because the oven does register the temperature and gradually climbs as the oven is warming up on the digital display. It beeps when it has reached the correct temperature but the broiler stays on and eventually the oven reports the f10 error.

I also do not believe it is the oven control board. The display shows what elements on the oven are supposed to be on and off (broiler, convection, and baking element, fan, etc). The display changes based on what portion of the oven should be on. It does show a time when the broiler is supposed to be on and off while heating with a red "----" at the top of the little display box (but the broiler is on regardless of what the display shows).

This leads me to believe the relay for the broiler is damaged.  Please let me know if I am wrong with my understanding of how the oven is supposed to work and if there is a different part that I missed that could be causing the problem, or if the sensor/oven control board could be the problem.  Also, the microwave portion works perfectly fine.


I would say it's the broil relay. Replace the relay board.



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