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Natural gas fumes while baking?


I cant remember the entire model number PLGF389? it was a frig freestanding with warming drawer....

So I had this customer complaining about a gas leak only while baking. I take the oven floor out to watch the flame. It lights correctly... So I put the unit back together. As the unit cycles on and off I get faint gas fumes from the vent on top while chatting with the customer. Is this normal? she claims it filled two rooms with the smell...I couldn't get the unit to smell that bad. But I do feel like there is too much of a smell coming out of the vent.

Any Ideas?  I thought maybe the orifice could be partly plugged? I didn't think to check that while I was there

Bad ignitor will do that. Too long to ignite ,check amp draw . Should be 3.2-3.6 if  it is 2.6 or lower it will do just that.

The funny thing is the ignitor is brand new ...I replaced it about a week prior to that

Make sure air gas mixture is correct,no flame "lifting away from burner"


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