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I know there's been similar post, but none answered my problem that I read.  Just moved and I need to convert from NG to LP.  I have the manual and I am confused :D  The pressure regulator is taken care of (page 10 fig. 12).  But the I don't see where the orifice/orifice hoods are (page 11 fig. 13 a - d).  I may have lost them in the move or just completely blind.  Burner air shutters are where?  Any help would be great.   :thanks:

Here is the manual on the two last pages it tell you how.You have to adjust each burner at the valve stem and also the air shutter.You have everything there.

That brass at the end will have to be srcew backwards to convert to propane.Then adjust air shutter.

Air shutter will be at the end like in this looks like you just pull it all the way back like in the picture.If you fill uneasy about doing this call your propane company.

Thanks.  The installation manual you linked is the same info as the one we have. Wasn't sure where to find them.  Ok, so you need to open up the top to get to the orifice?
Thanks again.  The wife has 48 pounds of strawberries waiting to get jamming.  :D


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