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GE spacemaker works, but loud vibrating noise

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The microwave is a 10 year old GE spacemaker, model JVM1650WH01. It is part of the range/oven/microwave combo. so it is mounted underneath the cabinet, and hanging above the range/oven

Everything on the microwave works. However, from time to time, there is a loud vibrating noise coming from behind the control panel. This only happens when I am using the microwave to heat up stuff. The vent fan works fine without any vibrating noise.

When I put a little downward pressure on the microwave, the vibrating noise goes away. If I apply a little upward pressure by pushing on the bottom of the microwave, the vibrating noise gets stronger.

Any thoughts?

check that the mounting bolts that run up through the cabinet are tight.


thanks. that seems to be problem. I tightened the mounting screws, and now the noise is gone.

However, I got myself a new problem. When cleaning the front vent grille, I broke off the plastic part that holds the screw in place so the metal bracket grille (part 109) can be attached to the plastic vent grille (part 70).  And the plastic vent grille is available for $90? Is it possible to get the part from a aftermarket supplier? What is the purpose of the metal bracket grill? Can I just leave if off?

Do not leave the metal cover off. That cover protects you and any objects from entering the stirrer motor area.
If you are handy enough you might be able to fix the mounting location otherwise I would recommend you buy the grill assembly.
If you can post a photo of what you have maybe someone here can give you some tips on how to resolve the mount.

Here is a picture of the broken mount for the screw. Maybe I can glue it back on?


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